The Reyven Process

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The Reyven
Building Process

While most San Antonio builders and contractors in town have a similar methodology and building process, there can be massive differences in how the process operates from start to finish. Some take a very laissez-faire approach, while others are much more detailed.

Here at Reyven Custom Homes & Remodeling, we believe that we have a thorough, comprehensive building process that helps make sure we completely understand your vision, set clear timelines and estimates, and deliver exactly what you want with every project. Our team goes above and beyond at each step to not only make sure we’ve got exactly the right information, but also to make the process smooth and seamless for you as a homeowner.


Our Step-By-Step Process

Meet & Greet

This is when we briefly discuss the project and learn about our client’s goals. During this conversation, we discuss budgets, scope of work, and our process.

On-Site Evaluation

Once we determine we are a good fit for one another, the sales team will meet with the client on-site (their home for a remodel, property or our office for a new-build). During this meeting we take a deeper dive into the details of the project, take photos and rough measurements, collect information such as inspiration photos, existing plans/design, or any other information we can use to accurately create the initial proposal.


Our sales team will evaluate all the information collected at on-site evaluation and create a proposal that outlines anticipated cost, anticipated timelines, major scopes of work, and the design agreement.

Design Agreement

During the design agreement, the sales team works with the client to obtain architectural plans and interior design for their project. This is when as-built plans, proposed floorplans, exterior elevations, cabinet drawings, etc. are drawn to illustrate the customer’s vision. After plans have been created, the client begins interior selections and design with a licensed Interior Designer. This is when all of the finishes are determined and every detail is worked through. The deliverables during this phase are fully developed plans and interior design package. This process can vary greatly depending on the project, with smaller projects taking a month or so and larger ones taking several months.


After design is complete, the Project Coordinator will begin the bidding process. This is when we work with our construction partners to accurately price out the project down to the last detail. Extra care is given to detail during this phase to mitigate change orders during construction. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks and depends on the project scope and complexity.

Formal Quote

Once all of the information is received, it is compiled into a very detailed quote which is presented along with the plans and design package in person at our office. During this time we will make any adjustments to plans or budgets as needed and verify all project planning is complete.


We are ready to build the client’s dream home. Budgets have been checked, plans verified, and it is time to start working. The sales team introduces the client to their project manager and the superintendent through a soft hand-off process. All parties meet onsite and review any final questions, needs, or specifications prior to commencement. Day to day operations such as scheduling, materials deliveries, quality control, etc. are managed by the Project Manager with continued support from the sales and ownership team throughout the process. 

Punch / Close-Out

Once the project is complete, a full walk-through is done with Ownership, Project Manager and superintendent. The final product is scrutinized to ensure everything is completed and done well. Items are then identified for repair, the necessary remedies are completed, and the customer signs off on the punch-list and overall project.


After the project is complete, Reyven provides peace of mind with a one year warranty on all craftsmanship, two year warranty on all structural components, and a 10 year warranty on foundations that is designed to let you enjoy your new dream home worry-free.

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